I am not an Apple fanboy but I love the Mac. One of the reasons why I love it is because it just works. It has a clean and intuitive interface, it comes with great software and there is so much other great software available. I’d like to share some essential tools and applications that I use (almost) daily.

Text Editors

Text Editors TextMate has been my favourite editor for many years (like for many other developers using Mac). It was super fast and had everything you could wish thanks to the TextMate bundles. But it was stuck, no updates, no change, so no progress. In the meanwhile there were these new fancy editors coming up like Chocolat, Sublime Text 2, and Coda 2 (Coda only looked fancy) that had split screen mode and other features that TextMate didn’t have. TextMate was eventually reborn when it went open source but it failed.

I’ve used Chocolat since the BETA version and I really liked it from the beginning, especially the interface. But it lacks speed and it’s not intuitive. The split screen mode for example is very confusing (compared to Sublime Text). The tabs are also complicated. It just didn’t fit my work flow.

Another editor that didn’t fit my work flow was Coda 2, which is an over-hyped text editor. It’s based on the past with a build-in FTP client.

Today I use Sublime Text 2. There are three particular things that I like about Sublime Text:

  • It’s super fast
  • Extremely customisable
  • Plugins

I recommend you check out Nettut’s Tips and Tricks about Sublime Text 2. And here’s a must have if you use Sublime Text: Soda Theme and alternative tab styles.


It may not be exactly a text-editor but CodeRunner allows you to quickly edit and run code in any programming language. It has syntax highlighting and pretty decent autocompletion. CodeRunner can run AppleScript, C, C++, Java, JavaScript (Node.js), Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and shell scripts.


Rested If you spend a lot of time communicating with an API I suggest you check out Rested. It’s a great little tool to create HTTP requests. It has even got better since the recent update.

Try Charles if you are looking for something more advanced.


Alfred If there’s one application I can’t live without it would be Alfred. It has changed the way I work. Alfred is an application launcher which does a lot more than you might think. It’s much faster than Spotlight. Beside opening applications you can search files, spell words, email contacts, control iTunes, search the web, perform actions (copying & moving files, folders etc) and many many more.

The best thing of all is that you can extend it by creating your own search queries for your favourite websites like Dribbble or StackOverflow. Or download one of the many extensions & scripts.

PS: Try the new BETA if you are a Alfred Mega Supporter.

HyperDock: Window Management

HyperDock There’s one thing I’m really missing on the Mac. Especially when I have multiple windows open of the same application and I need to get from one to another. Fortunately HyperDock makes it easy to switch from window to window. It even allows you to control iTunes by hovering over the icon in the dock.


ColorChooser allows you to quickly pick colours from anywhere and copy it to clipboard. It has a lot formats like Hex, NSColor, UIColor, CGColor, RGB etc.


XtraFinder XtraFinder is another great addition. It adds tabs and features to default Finder.


Slicy One thing I hate about the design process is slicing. It was time consuming and a pain in the ass. Slicy simplifies this process. You just have to rename your layer groups in Photoshop and Slicy does everything else.

Other Great Apps for Mac You Should Be Using